Non-profit and Caused-based Marketing: What I’ve Learned

Throughout the course of blogging thus far I have learned the impacts that social media has on non-profit and cause-based marketing and I have come to the conclusion that social media in many ways may be their bloodline. Flat-Social-media-Icons-01Social media feels new for many non-profits in particular and there are many out there that have not quite adapted social media into their marketing plans. Typically these non-profits are waiting to see how other organizations do within social media. By lagging behind and fearing the effect of letting the constituents engage, these companies are being left behind (Engaging Stakeholders Through Social Media Networking). Along with the lagers, I have seen some non-profits that jump in too early without any plan of action or strategy and end up risking their brand and reputation by using social media in the wrong ways and causing people to lose trust and respect for the organization because their social media use may not correlate and/or misrepresent their message. With Social-Media-Icons-1that being said, I have explored many non-profit organizations and cause-based companies who have taken social media and used it to grow in ways they could not have otherwise. The proper use of social media can help gain mass amounts of funds, fans, increase site stickiness, and increase awareness of the company and cause. The key to this success is to have a clear goal; a vision for what your company wants to get done through social media and come up with a plan to achieve those goals. Targeting your demographic is also a huge part of succeeding in social media and is why companies/organizations like TOMS and Krotchet Kids Intl. are so popular and are thriving. They determined their target audience, met them through social media where they are, and then engaged them in a conversation. They used what they know about their customers and transformed their social media presence to reflect their customer’s wants and needs and so far so good! Both TOMS and Krotchet Kids Intl have tons of supporters and sell tons of products on the daily through social media marketing, which in turn helps grow their cause.

Social media marketing is something that is here to stay and will only continue to grow. There’s an understanding that the customers are more in control of their purchasing than ever before and want to make purchases that are personalized to them. Social media is a fantastic way to get to know your customers and provide them a product and experience that you know that they will buy— and not only buy it but tell their friends about.



4 thoughts on “Non-profit and Caused-based Marketing: What I’ve Learned

  1. I am very passionate about the non-profit and caused-based industry. Reading your blog has been a pleasure for several reasons. First, I loved learning about organizations that I had never heard of before. Its so inspiring to hear how many people are do so many incredible things to make the world a better place. Through your blog I have learned about new ideas. The second thing that I loved about your blog is learning about how well social media is working for them. Having a clear cut explanation of what is working versus what isn’t is so valuable for organizations in similar situations. I really thing that this blog could be a powerful tool for an up and coming non-profit or caused-based company.

  2. Your blog posts really opened my eyes to a sector I had never really known anything about. You were able to show me that non-profits can use social media to empower supporters without having to control it, and allow individuals to create, join, and grow groups around issues they care about outside of the direct control of a non-profit. In addition, you also showed me the flip side of non-profits and how some of them can just blatantly be “doing it wrong.” As more and more non-profits adopt social media and their practice improves over time, there is no doubt a transformation will begin to happen, and you were absolutely able to show me how much of a transformation with your posts.

  3. You did an excellent job capturing how important social media is for non-profit and cause-based marketing. I really enjoyed your summary post as it wrapped all everything you discussed throughout your last 8 posts. You made some awesome points about knowing who your target market is and having a primary objective as your focal point. I believe these two points are what set good companies a part from great. I agree with you that social media marketing is on the rise and is the future of marketing. I think it is crucial especially for raising awareness on a wide spread basis and in a cost efficient manor. As the generations go on, social media marketing will no longer be an asset, but a must have. Great job on all your posts!

  4. Your wrap-up post was a great way to encompass everything you talked about in your blog. Recognizing that non-profit companies are just beginning to utilize social media is do true. Actually this is true of many industries. Like I’ve said before, social media is our future. So learning how to use it, why it is important, and figuring out how to improve business objectives is crucial to business success and future technological success. Overall, I enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about these organizations!

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